NuGet Package HiQPdf NG HTML to PDF Converter for .NET x64

The NG version of HiQPdf Library for .NET includes an improved rendering engine which supports newer HTML and Internet standards like ECMAScript 6, WOFF 2, HTTP2 or TLS 1.3, offering better rendering and higher security.

This x64 version of HiQPdf Library for .NET can run only on 64-bit Windows systems and it is recommended when converting very large HTML documents to PDF.

The normal version of the library can run both on 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

HiQPdf HTML to PDF Converter for .NET offers you a modern, simple, fast, flexible and powerful tool to create complex and stylish PDF documents in your ASP.NET and MVC websites or in your desktop applications with just a few lines of C# or VB.NET code.

HiQPdf Library for .NET offers you the fastest and the most precise HTML to PDF conversion technology. The HTML to PDF Converter can convert to PDF any HTML document or URL that a modern browser can display, preserving all the CSS styles and executing all the JavaScript scripts found in the HTML document.

The library offers full support for web fonts, the ability to convert only a selected region of the HTML document or the possibility to overlap multiple HTML documents in the same PDF while preserving the transparent backgrounds and images from the HTML document.

HiQPdf Library is much more than just a HTML to PDF converter, is a complete PDF library for .NET that you can use to create new PDF documents and add text and images at the desired positions in pages in a traditional manner, open and edit external PDF documents by adding new objects, create PDF documents with interactive forms, fill and submit interactive forms, merge and split PDF documents, extract text and images from PDF documents, search text in PDF documents, rasterize PDF pages to images, convert PDF to HTML or print PDF documents.


Version: 12.0.0
Author(s): HiQPdf Software
Last Update: Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Install-Package HiQPdf_NG_x64
dotnet add package HiQPdf_NG_x64
paket add HiQPdf_NG_x64
HiQPdf_NG_x64 Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)