NuGet Package ExpertPdf Pdf To Text Converter for x64

The ExpertPdf Pdf to Text Converter can be used in any type of .NET application to extract the text from a PDF document.

The integration with existing .NET applications is extremely easy and no installation is necessary in order to run the converter.

The downloadable archive contains the assembly for .NET 2.0, .NET 4.0, .NET Core and a ready-to-use sample console application. The full C# and VB.NET source code for the sample application is available in the Samples folder.

The sample application can be built with any version of Visual Studio. The result of conversion is a .NET String object that you can use for example in search operations or save into a file on disk.


- .NET 2.0, .NET 4.0, .NET Core development library, C# and VB.NET samples
- Extract text from PDF stream or a PDF file
- Extract text preserving the original PDF layout
- Extract text in PDF reading order
- Specify the range of pages to be extracted
- Save the extracted text in a HTML format and add description meta tags
- Add the title, keywords, author from PDF description in HTML meta tags
- Mark the page breaks in the extracted text with a special character
- Extract text from password protected PDF documents
- Get the number of pages in the PDF document
- Search for text in PDF documents (return texts page numbers and position on page).


Version: 6.0.0
Author(s): Outside Software Inc.
Last Update: Thursday, April 9, 2020
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Install-Package ExpertPdf.PdfToText.x64
dotnet add package ExpertPdf.PdfToText.x64
paket add ExpertPdf.PdfToText.x64
ExpertPdf.PdfToText.x64 Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)

.NETFramework 2.0
  • No dependencies.
.NETFramework 4.0
  • No dependencies.
.NETStandard 2.0