NuGet Package EVO HTML to PDF Converter Client for Azure

EVO HTML to PDF Client Library for Azure can be easily integrated in any Azure application for .NET to create PDF documents from HTML pages and strings.

The library can also be used to convert HTML to images, convert HTML to SVG, create, edit and merge PDF documents.

Before using the EVO HTML to PDF Client for Azure in your applications you first have to install the EVO PDF Server. The server can be installed as Azure Cloud Service, Azure Service Fabric Application, IIS Web Application or Windows Service.

The detailed installation instructions can be found in server package downloadable from website.

The HTML to PDF Converter API is also available in EVO PDF Client for .NET library under the 'EvoPdfClient' namespace.

The library is compatible with any platform which supports .NET Standard 2.0 and above or .NET Framework 4.0 and above, including:

* .NET Core 7, 6, 5, .NET Standard 2.0 (and above)
* .NET Framework 4.8.1, 4.7.2, 4.6.1, 4.0 (and above)
* Windows, Linux, macOS
* Azure, Azure App Service and Azure Functions
* Xamarin for iOS, macOS and Android
* Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
* Web, Console and Desktop applications

The main features are:

* Create PDF documents from HTML with advanced support for CSS3, SVG, Web Fonts and JavaScript
* Automatically create PDF links, forms, bookmarks and table of contents from HTML tags
* Place the content from multiple HTML documents at any position in PDF pages, headers or footers
* Create JPEG, PNG and Bitmap raster images from HTML documents
* Create high quality SVG vector images from HTML documents
* Create PDF documents with text, graphics, images, headers and footers
* Create PDF documents with security features and digital signatures
* Create interactive PDF documents with forms, internal links, text notes and JavaScript actions
* Edit, stamp and merge PDF documents.

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Version: 10.0.0
Author(s): EVO PDF Software
Last Update: Monday, August 14, 2023
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Install-Package EvoHtmlToPdf_Azure_Client
dotnet add package EvoHtmlToPdf_Azure_Client
paket add EvoHtmlToPdf_Azure_Client
EvoHtmlToPdf_Azure_Client Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)