NuGet Package CaptureManager SDK

CaptureManager SDK allows you include into your software solutions easy supporting of working with web cameras.

This SDK is based on Microsoft Media Foundation which is included into the regular Windows OS editions.
Microsoft Media Foundation is new technology of Microsoft which was introduced since Windows Vista, but only since Windows 7 it has got supporting of interfaces for capturing video and audio from web cameras.
CaptureManager SDK has some unique features:

Using encoders which are already embedded into Windows OS;
Using Microsoft’s format of video and audio files;
Capturing screen image into video file;
Capturing speaker audio signals into audio file;
Support recording synchronised video and audio from web camera;
Support recording synchronised video from many web cameras into the one video file;
Support recording synchronised video and audio from many web cameras and screen capture into the one media file;
Support steaming live video and audio from many web cameras and screen captute into the local network and the Internet;
Easy way for changing of web camera options: brightness, contrast, focus and others;
Easy way for changing of encoder settings;
CaptureManager SDK has many encoders and media containers.

They include video encoders:
Microsoft WMVideo7/8;
Microsoft WMVideo9;
Microsoft WMVideo9 Screen Encoder;
Microsoft H264;
Microsoft H265;

audio encoders:
Microsoft WMAudio;
Microsoft WMSpeech Encoder;
Microsoft AAC;

file containers:
ASF format.

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Version: 1.23.0
Author(s): Evgeny Pereguda
Last Update: Saturday, April 29, 2023
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Install-Package CaptureManager
dotnet add package CaptureManager
paket add CaptureManager
CaptureManager Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)