NuGet Package SmartMad In-App Ad SDK for Windows Phone

As the operation of Shanghai SmartMad Advertising Co., Ltd., SmartMad is the most intelligent mobile phone application advertising platform in China.

It is designed to fulfill the precise marketing objectives for the advertiser and create the maximum benefits for the developer relying on advanced wireless marketing solutions and intelligent advertising strategies.
Key Strengths of SmartMad
High quality brand advertising resources
SmartMad has established long-term close cooperation relationships with domestic major 4A agents, having the largest share of brand advertising resources in China.
Professional service team
In 2006, SmartMad was founded in Shanghai, engaged in mobile advertising industry for more than 6 years, having the richest experience in the industry and the most professional service team.
Precise orientation technology
SmartMad has 6 years of accumulation in ad placement as well as the most complete and largest orientation databank in China, realizing precise orientation in a real sense.
Leading rich media advertising
SmartMad radically transforms the traditional display form of moving ads and introduces highly interactive ad user experience.
Cloud framework advertising platform
SmartMad has the leading intelligent advertising platform in the industry, and has completed the upgrading to cloud framework and cloud service.
International platform
SmartMad is the member of the board of directors of MMA, formulator of moving advertising industry standards, the first mover in opening up to the world and introducing international practice in layout.
We aims to offering all-dimensional mobile marketing services to the advertisers relying on over 200 employees in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, who are from world famous 4A advertising agencies, interactive media, mobile business operators, wireless value-added service providers and IT industry. We are the founding member and board member of MMA Asia Pacific, joint founder and founding member of MMA China, and joint president of Global Mobile Advertising Committee.


Version: 3.0.2
Author(s): Madhouse Inc.
Last Update: Friday, September 19, 2014
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Install-Package CN.SmartMad.Ads.WindowsPhone
dotnet add package CN.SmartMad.Ads.WindowsPhone
paket add CN.SmartMad.Ads.WindowsPhone
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