NuGet Package Aspose.Tasks for C++

Aspose.Tasks for C++ is a native class library to help you quickly build C++ apps that can read, write, manipulate, and convert Microsoft Project® file formats (MPP, MPT, MPX, and XML Project Format) without dependency on installing Microsoft Project® or any other 3rd party components.

Aspose.Tasks for for C++ helps you work with Microsoft Project® formulas, tasks, task links, calendars, calendar exceptions, resources, resource assignment, currencies, and VBA information.

You can import and export project data to Primavera file formats (XML, XER, MPX) as well. Aspose.Tasks for C++ offers to convert your project data into a variety of formats, including Excel, HTML, SVG, JPEG, BMP, PDF and more.

Aspose.Tasks for C++ distribution package contains both the 32-bit as well as the 64-bit binaries for the MS Windows.

The shared libraries for Linux-based OS are also available and are built with GCC-6 and CLang-3. It supports x86 and x64 based applications on Windows and x64 based applications on Linux.


Version: 22.5.0
Author(s): Aspose
Last Update: Thursday, June 2, 2022
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Install-Package Aspose.Tasks.Cpp
dotnet add package Aspose.Tasks.Cpp
paket add Aspose.Tasks.Cpp
Aspose.Tasks.Cpp Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)

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