NuGet Package Actipro Bar Code (for WPF)

Bar Code makes it easy to add the most common 2D and linear bar codes to any WPF application or report.

It takes all the work out of the bar code generation process by allowing you to simply say what value to encode. It automatically calculates any appropriate checksums and generates the resulting bar code for you.

The output is completely customizable with many options, everything from setting the bar height to display of the encoded value below the bar lines.

Documentation is available on the Actipro web site (, and samples can be downloaded from the Actipro WPF Controls GitHub repository (

NOTE: This is a commercial software product and requires proper paid licensing for legal usage.

See Actipro's web site ( for links to purchase developer licenses, or view the Sales FAQ for more information about evaluations and licensing.

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Version: 23.1.0
Author(s): Actipro Software LLC
Last Update: Wednesday, April 19, 2023
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Install-Package ActiproSoftware.Controls.WPF.BarCode
dotnet add package ActiproSoftware.Controls.WPF.BarCode
paket add ActiproSoftware.Controls.WPF.BarCode
ActiproSoftware.Controls.WPF.BarCode Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)

.NETFramework 4.0 netcoreapp3.0 1 package depend on this package.