NuGet Package ABCpdf PDF Library for .NET - ABCChrome65 HTML Rendering Engine

The ABCpdf .NET ABCChrome65 runtime for HTML to PDF conversion using the Chrome 65 rendering engine.

ABCpdf operates three HTML rendering engines for insertion of HTML content.

The ABCChrome engine provides google Chrome style HTML conversion. The MSHTML engine leverages IE as installed on the local machine. The Gecko runtime adds Firefox-style HTML rendering to the mix.

Placed HTML support means your HTML can be treated just like any other media - placed wherever you like on the page. Paged HTML support allows you to flow your HTML from one area to another - across pages or columns or both.

A vast range of options gives you full control over the HTML rendering process and DOM.

In terms of features, probably most notably, the Gecko and Chrome engines support repeated table headers and footers. They are also extremely good on SVG and AJAX for charts and maps. The MSHTML and Chrome engines tends to be faster and the MSHTML engine provides a more literal screen based output. ABCChrome and Gecko generally support modern HTML features better than MSHTML.


Author(s): PDF Team
Last Update: Monday, October 18, 2021
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Install-Package ABCpdf.ABCChrome65
dotnet add package ABCpdf.ABCChrome65
paket add ABCpdf.ABCChrome65
ABCpdf.ABCChrome65 Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)