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Эти пакеты содержат русские вспомогательные сборки для Microsoft Owin Security
此套件包含 Microsoft Owin Security Twitter 的 繁體中文 附屬組件
此套件包含 Microsoft Owin Security Microsoft Account 的 繁體中文 附屬組件
此套件包含 ASP.NET Host for OWIN Web Applications 的繁體中文附屬組件。
Этот пакет содержит русские вспомогательные сборки для ASP.NET Host for OWIN Web Applications.
Этот пакет содержит русские вспомогательные сборки для библиотек ASP.NET Identity Owin.
Provides various utilities (simple parsers, Int64 encoders) and extension methods for Collections, SQL client and XDom.
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AppMetrica [1 dependencies]

AppMetrica is a set of libraries for gathering statistics on mobile app usage. You can view the collected data in the AppMetrica web interface.
Toto je metabalíček pro česká satelitní sestavení pro ASP.NET SignalR.
Dies ist ein Metapaket für die deutschen Satellitenassemblys für ASP.NET SignalR.
Metapaquete para los ensamblados satélite en español para ASP.NET SignalR.
Il s’agit d’un méta-package pour les assemblys satellites en français pour ASP.NET SignalR.
Meta pacchetto per gli assembly satellite di ASP.NET SignalR per l'italiano.
これは、ASP.NET SignalR の日本語サテライト アセンブリのメタパッケージです。
此套件包含 ASP.NET Identity Owin 程式庫的 {繁體中文} 附屬組件。
此套件包含 Microsoft Owin 的 繁體中文 附屬組件
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IronSharp.IronMQ [1 dependencies]

Message Queue for the Cloud. IronMQ is a reliable message queue service that lets you connect systems and build distributed apps that scale effortlessly and eliminate any single points of failure.
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LINQ to POML [1 dependencies]

Easy to use library to use Page Object Markup Language (.poml) files with LINQ queries
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Awesome Sockets Examples [1 dependencies]

A fast, lightweight, and easy-to-use socket library for C#.
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DbUp SQLite Support [1 dependencies]

DbUp makes it easy to deploy and upgrade SQL Server databases. This package adds SQLite support.