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The control library IToolS® (Industrial Component Tool Suite) is the answer to the interaction difficulties experienced by devices wishing to communicate via a common protocol. IToolS® is a software library containing its own communication drivers for the most popular devices used in the field of i...
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WhoisClient.NET-VS2015 [1 dependencies]

Fork of the WhoisClient.NET project for VS 2015. This library is a WHOIS protocol client used to search owner information by IP address or domain name. This library determines the WHOIS server automatically and queries the referral server recursively. The response of the whois query c...
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Mapgenix.FeatureSource [1 dependencies]

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Slovenian89.Common [1 dependencies]

Common Library Core
ASP.NET 5 CloudFoundry Configuration Provider
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Junyi.Web.Extenssion [1 dependencies]

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M6.Core [1 dependencies]

MediaSix IOC Container
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Keycloak Identity Model [1 dependencies]

Identity Model and Helpers for JBoss Keycloak Authentication Integration
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Cargo [1 dependencies]

A very very lightweight content management thingy for ASP.Net
NOTE! In upcoming 3.0 release this package will be published under ID fo-dicom.Portable. The core portable DICOM library for .NET, Universal Windows Platform, Xamarin iOS and Xamarin Android.
Support library for connecting log4net log handler to fo-dicom.
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gRPC C# Native Extension [1 dependencies]

This package has been deprecated and its contents are now part of Grpc.Core package (starting from version 0.14.0). Native extension needed by gRPC C# library. This is not the package you are looking for, it is only meant to be used as a dependency.
A framework for composing your application with functional modules.
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ArinWhois.NET-VS2015 [1 dependencies]

.NET client for ARIN's Whois RESTful Web Service, the API to accessing ARIN's Whois data. Fork of the ArinWhois.NET project for VS 2015.
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DotImaging.IO.Web [1 dependencies]

Image or video download/streaming (direct video link or Youtube links).
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Disruptor-net.Metrics [1 dependencies]

Library for monitoring your disruptor ringbuffers.
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InfluxDB Client for .NET [1 dependencies]

An easy-to-use client for InfluxDB that supports simple query to object mapping.
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wkhtmltopdf MSVC x64 exe [1 dependencies]

A convenience package for using wkhtmltopdf.exe in a .NET project. This only includes wkhtmltopdf.exe and not wkhtmltoimage.exe. Use for Windows Vista + (see for details)
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Jquery.ZTree [1 dependencies]

zTree is an advanced jQuery 'tree plug-in'. The performance is excellent, it is easy to configurw (with a full set of options), and has many advanced features.
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Dasher.Schema [1 dependencies]

Annotations for defining objects to be serialised/deserialised using Dasher, with validation and other schema tooling support.