Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on slf4net

Total dependencies: 32

Software framework for supporting coding best practices.
Mastercard OpenAPI Core SDK.
Com.MasterCard.Merchant.Checkout SDK.
Core library of the SIF Framework based on SIF Infrastructure 3.2.1.
Com.MasterCard.Masterpass.Merchant SDK. Masterpass Merchant Checkout Service SDK supports standard, connected and express checkouts.
This package implements a FTDI Chip RS-232 connection.
This package implements a TCP/IP LIS connection without the checksum and flowcontrol overhead.
slf4net facade for the log4net logging framework
This library is an OO implementation of the CLSI LIS01-A2 standard. "Specification for Low-Level Protocol to Transfer Messages Between Clinical Laboratory Instruments and Computer Systems;
This library is an OO implementation of the CLSI LIS2-A2 standard. "Specification for Transferring Information Between Clinical Laboratory Instruments and Information Systems; Approved Standard—Second Edition" The library includes all LIS2-A2 records.
slf4net logging adapter for Akka.NET
This library is an a SmartInspect Logger Facade for SLF4NET.
Simple loggers that can be plugged into slf4net
slf4net logging adapter for Akka. official client
A .NET-Wrapper for QBank 3's API. Provides a simple way to communicate with QBank 3 from .NET.
Com.MasterCard.Merchant.Onboarding SDK.
Com.MasterCard.Psp.Payment SDK.
NanoProfiler for Web Application
NanoProfiler WCF Profiling Support