Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on jQuery

Total dependencies: 1437

Quite simply, SlickGrid is a JavaScript grid/spreadsheet component. It is an advanced component and is going to be a bit more difficult to learn and configure, but once you realize its full potential, it will blow your mind! Some highlights: - Adaptive virtual scrolling (handle hundreds of thousan...
tablesorter is a jQuery plugin for turning a standard HTML table with THEAD and TBODY tags into a sortable table without page refreshes. tablesorter can successfully parse and sort many types of data including linked data in a cell.
Wrappers for JavaScript alert(), confirm() and other flexible dialogs using Twitter's bootstrap framework. Bootbox.js requires jQuery 1.12.4 or greater, and Bootstrap 3.3.7 or greater. Some options require Bootstrap 4.
Features: 1. Fully responsive. Scales with its container. 2. Separate settings per breakpoint 3. Uses CSS3 when available. Fully functional when not. 4. Swipe enabled. Or disabled
Responsive Web Design on Any Browser, Any Platform, and Any Device
DataTables is a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library. It is a highly flexible tool, based upon the foundations of progressive enhancement, which will add advanced interaction controls to any HTML table.
The most popular front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.
Web project content components
ExpressiveAnnotations is a small .NET and JavaScript library which provides full-stack, annotation-based, conditional validation mechanisms. Given attributes, powered by expressions engine, allow to forget about imperative way of step-by-step verification of validation conditions in many cases. Sinc...
Atalasoft JavaScript library for presenting images and documents, including PDF Forms, on a web page.
Atalasoft JavaScript library for requesting documents from a client-side scanner.
Sammy.js is a tiny JavaScript framework developed to ease the pain and provide a basic structure for developing JavaScript applications. Sammy tries to achieve this by providing a small core framework and an ever-growing list of plugins for specific functionality. The core includes a simple API for ...
A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin for reading, writing and deleting cookies. NOTE: This package is maintained on behalf of the library owners by the NuGet Community Packages project at
This package contains the AspNet.ScriptManager.jQuery assembly that will automatically register jQuery 3.5.0 with the ScriptManager as "jquery".
A jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create a grid view for your tabular data. It allows you to create a table layout on the fly for an array of data-objects while leaving you in full control of where the data comes from.
The Bold Reports by Syncfusion UI components for JavaScript contain Report Viewer and Report Designer HTML5 and JavaScript components for enterprise web development. Empower your web application with feature-rich report preview, edit, and customization capabilities that allow you to explore data eas...
DevExtreme Mobile contains everything you'll need to create native client applications using HTML5 and JavaScript with a single codebase and deliver solutions that target today's most popular smartphones and tablet devices.
応答の速い Web アプリケーションをあらゆるデバイスで
.Net Ad Hoc Report Builder and Embedded Analytics for MVC that allows programmers to easily add Report building functionality to their ASP .NET Web Application
JS component to render trees with server-based data including sorting and column-reordering. Core UI utility functions for DynamicTree control