Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on INI Parser

Total dependencies: 28

A powerful event based API for Elite: Dangerous. VoiceAttack, VoiceMacro, Discord, C#, VB
SDK for accessing Lucidtech AI Services
This is the Delve C# client SDK and you can use it to connect to the RelationalAI infrastructure.
Asset Management as a Service - Core SDK
Open-source, cross-platform, multi-purpose security auditing tool - core audit library
Extension on IniWrapper that uses Ini-parser library to parse ini files.
A core implementation of all WakaTime C#-driven plug-ins for IDE such as Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio, Monodevelop etc. This plug-ins will help to collect metrics, insights and time tracking automatically generated directly from your programming activity.
Implement StreamStorage, with aliyun oss.
Abstract Distribute Counter, you can implement it, store in redis or relative-db.
Abstract Stream Storage, you can implement it, such as aliyun oss, amazon s3.
Core assemblies for the .NET version of Pattern Lab
Semiodesk.TinyVirtuoso offers a small and easy to deploy solution for people who want to use OpenLink's Virtuoso database.
A generic INI based configuration system, building off INIFileParser by Ricardo Amores Hernandez.
Discover solution and creates corresponding Inno Setup scripts
The dynamic configuration manager for .NET
A simple, lightweight serialization facade for reading and writing INI files to and from plain-old csharp objects.
Package Description
Naong Soft Ini File
A utility for reading ini files of the business application GKS.
MEF catalog and provider for configuration items