Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Fasterflect

Total dependencies: 64

QuantConnect LEAN Engine: Engine Project - Core engine and datafeed implementation
QuantConnect LEAN Engine: Algorithm.CSharp Project - A collection of C# algorithm demonstrations for how to use the API
QuantConnect LEAN Engine: Indicators Project - A collection of financial indicators
QuantConnect LEAN Engine: Algorithm Project - Core QCAlgorithm implementation
QuantConnect LEAN Engine: Common Project - A collection of common definitions and utils
QuantConnect LEAN Engine: Brokerages Project - A collection of brokerages for live trading and backtesting
QuantConnect LEAN Engine: API Project - C# SDK for interaction with the
QuantConnect LEAN Engine: Algorithm.AlgorithmFactory Project - Factory for instantiation of QCAlgorithm algorithm objects to be used with LEAN
QuantConnect LEAN Engine: Queues Project - Handles and generates live and backtesting algorithm jobs
QuantConnect LEAN Engine: Messaging Project - The external messaging system implementation
QuantConnect LEAN Engine: Compression Project - A library with compression tools
.NET library which minifies, compresses, combines, and caches JavaScript and CSS resources of ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC web applications. Simply put, this library helps your applications rank better with YSlow and PageSpeed.
A module that allows you to save the state of the saga in sqlserver --------------------- .net core Saga / ProcessManager implementation
QuantConnect LEAN Engine: Algorithm.Framework Project - The core QCAlgorithm framework implementation
Bamboo Script Engine Core
Easy and Fast ORM Framework
SNAP makes AOP easy by integrating with your favorite IoC container. SNAP does not modify compiled code (unlike PostSharp) . It uses your IoC container to create runtime-callable wrappers to intercept your method calls. Source code for SNAP is hosted at
Common node patterns and utilities for VVVV
TEAM extensions to the .NET Framework
Some helpers for correct KnockoutMvc