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Entity Framework Plus extends your DbContext with must-haves features: Include Filter, Auditing, Caching, Query Future, Batch Delete, Batch Update, and more **IMPORTANT** - For EF Core 8.x, use the latest EF Plus v8.x version - For EF Core 7.x, use the latest EF Plus v7.x version - For EF Core 6.x,...
This package contains the classes and methods to work with Entity Framework Core
20210626 1、加入事务特性 2、重构底层工作单元
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Family Manager Integration Library
Package containing business layer of BadgerHunter
A tool to copy database using efcore
Adds Z.EntityFramework.Extensions support to Turner.Infrastructure.Crud. For documentation or support, head to the github page:
Adds Z.EntityFramework.Extensions.EFCore support to UnstableSort.Crudless. For documentation or support, head to the github page:
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update liter version
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