Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Xamarin.Android Bindings for Google Play Services - Gcm

Total dependencies: 34

Android library to handle jobs in the background
Handle Push Notifications. Across iOS , Android and UWP from a single API.
Handle Push Notifications. Across iOS , Android and UWP from a single API.
Notakey Xamarin Sdk for Xamarin iOS and Android mobile application development
nventive version of OneSignal for Xamarin
Approov API protection
Part of the The Realtime Framework, Realtime Cloud Messaging (aka ORTC) is a secure, fast and highly scalable cloud-hosted Pub/Sub real-time message broker for web and mobile apps. If your website or mobile app has data that needs to be updated in the user's interface as it changes (e.g. real-time s...
Xamarin plugin for Plot Projects. This library provides access to our geofence notification service.
Approov API protection
MvvmCross plugin that wraps the native Pushwoosh SDK
Plugin Xamarin permettant l'utilisation du MBaaS AppsPanel. Pour plus d'informations sur l'intégration :
Xamarin SDK For Kumulos
Xamarin Forms wrapper for android and iOS Intercom SDKs
Xamarin bindings for Android HyperTrack.
A full suite of mobile engagement tools for building next-generation apps
Xamarin.Android Binding Library - Accountkit
Xamarin.Android binding for the Layer Atlas library.
FeedHenry .Net SDK
Build Xamarin Android apps which leverage the power of Kinvey's BaaS, with support for push notifications, users, data, and files, with caching and offline. Check out for guides, tutorials, and sample apps.