Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Xamarin.Forms.Maps

Total dependencies: 46

Common application functionality and features to be shared across the framework
The around me module contains functionality for viwing facilities by proximity
This package contains support to custom integrations of the system Map platform. It depends on Fluker.Base
XamarinReactorUI is an UI framework that let you build Xamarin Forms pages using a React/Flutter inspired model. This is the package required to integrate Xamarin Maps
The home module contains common functionality and essetntials required to build an app home page
Fabulous extension for Xamarin.Forms.Maps
Xamarin.Forms.Maps Renderer for WPF
Iratrips.MapKit lets you customize pins, add overlays, calculate routes, search place predictions, cluster pins and more! Supporting Android at the moment only. Support for iOS, UWP coming soon.
The Xamarin.Forms.Maps.WPF module for adding Xamarin.Forms.Maps to any WPF Classic Desktop Applications in Windows 10 and Windows 7
Xamarin.Forms.Maps Renderer for GTK
Xamarin.Forms Client for SinTrafico API
Package Description
Extensions for converting ArcGIS features into their Xamarin.Forms.Maps equivalent. Works with Windows Phone 8 and higher, Xamarin Android and Xamarin iOS.
Custom control for your Xamarin.Forms project to give you a better Map experience. Ensure you call SvgImageRenderer.Init(), TwoColumnCellRenderer.Init(), ExtendedMapRenderer.Init() on each platform!
MapExtend for Xamarin.Forms is a plugin for Xamarin.Forms allowing users to draw routes, reveal nearby locations, distance between two points and place pins at certain addresses. ##ALPHA VERSION## Custom Icons - Android Work as Well. iOS Need test
Location library for ChilliSource.Mobile