Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Xamarin.Forms FFImageLoading SVG support

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Xamarinium is an architectural framework to help develop Mobile Apps using Xamarin following MVVM pattern. It contains flexible controls, services, interfaces, renderers that will help every Xamarin Mobile Developer.
This package contains Brupper to use with Xamarin.Forms
Util.XamariN is common library for Xamarin.Forms
A library for Clinical6 UI Controls Renders (a product of Parallel6)
A library for Clinical6 UI Controls Renders (a product of Parallel6)
InterfaceBuilder is an hepful api to write Xamarin.Forms user interfaces directly in sourcecode. It's heavly relying on the builder pattern. So you can write: var ui = new UI(); MainPage = ui.Page("MainPage", ui.Stack().With( ui.Label("A"), ui.Label("B"), ui.Label("C")) );
CustomControls for Xamarin.Forms that are used at Respawnsive. Each control are exposed with customizable bindable properties (images, color, border, shadow, animation, etc.) : - Button_Image_NoText - Button_Image_TextToBottom - Button_Image_TextToRight - Button_ImageSVG_NoText - Button_ImageSVG_Tex...
A library for Clinical6 UI components (a product of Parallel6)
CodeBrix is a comprehensive rapid-application development (RAD) platform for quickly creating apps for iOS, Android and Windows (UWP); and is based on Xamarin.Forms and Prism.
This is the Exhibitor Module for the Xamarin Developer Summit
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