Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Xamarin Android Support Library - support-v4

Total dependencies: 612

Binding library of v2.5.0
The core library that handles the communication and authentication layer.
A simple Android's dialog to show fancy content. You need to add a reference to “Mono.Android.Export.dll”
Custom ViewPager that provides some custom and usefull functionalities, such as, scalling scroll, alpha scroll and swipe to dismiss option.
Show furigana japanese character in xamarin.Forms
Android Library to Add a ScrollableZoom to Image
A dependency of Xamarin.Judopay
A casual view that has several common type. Supports Android and iOS
An Android library to make the map display process easier by entering latitude and longitude only.
MeterView is a simple android meter component. It can handle exceeding values also by redrawing the whole scale.
Customized and RoundedEditText.
Android library for progress component with coloured overlay. Don't forget to add "Mono.Android.Export" as reference.
Telegram and WhatsApp-like download progress indicator for Android
Material Design Form controls for Xamarin.Forms.
Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android authentication library for the ForeSee Services API.
An Interactive Feedback Dialog for Android inspired from Google Maps Review section
PagerTabIndicator is a customisable android library that is designed to work with the ViewPager component.
Speed up your work with new Runtime Permissions introduced in Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This lib allows you to monitor permissions, check them in background and as well ask for a permission in easy way (callback).
SquareRatingView Allows you to have a rating view with few important customisations.