Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on XAct.Core.PCL

Total dependencies: 124

An XActLib assembly: EntityFramework based persistence of security properties.
An XActLib assembly: base class for persisting Profile settings.
An XActLib assembly: providing persistence (using EF) to XAct.Assistance services.
An XActLib assembly: Service for delivering Messages via SMTP
An XActLib assembly: library for handling SMTP, etc.
An XActLib assembly: a Library for common fragments of code to do with Unity
An XActLib assembly: a library of Common Code for the UI layer of a web application, without being specific to WebForms, MVC or other UI framework
An XActLib assembly: a Library for working with Ninject
An XActLib assembly: Library for working with NVelocity
An XActLib assembly: a library to manage security. Defines contracts used by other assemblies (such as XAct.Security.FormsAuthentication, etc.)
An XActLib assembly: an Assembly that provides a Log4NetTraceListener (rerouting XAct.Diagnostics.Trace calls to Log4Net -- nice!) as well as Log4Net specific implementation of the core Tracing service.
An XActLib assembly: a library to work with the essentials of DotNetZip.
An XActLib assembly: a library to watch directories and files (usuall a drop folder) for changes. Often used to move files into sharepoint, etc.
An XActLib assembly: a library for accessing the FS system directly (not IsolatedStorage). Higher security concern than just XAct.IO
An XActLib assembly: common code specific Collections
An XActLib assembly: a base assembly that almost all other XActLib assemblies have a reference. Contains mostly ExtensionMethods, essential common interfaces, enums, and collections, but contains a couple of essential Services used by all other assemblies.
An XAct Library Assembly: An Assembly that contains interfaces common to datastore, while not limiting it to DBMS (see XAct.Data.Db, XAct.Data.EF, for such functionality).
An XAct Library Assembly: an Assembly that builds on the interfaces defined in XAct.Data, to provide RDBMS specific functionality.
An XActLib assembly: a Library of code for working with ActiveX and COM
An XActLib assembly: a library of code to work with Windows Services.