Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on WriteableBitmapEx

Total dependencies: 11

WPF support for NWaveform
This library contains a collection of common UWP specific components and extensions that can be used in a variety of UWP applications built by the community.
Camera Banking is a Windows Phone reader barcode and qrcode project to read bill barcode or qrcode. The main target of this project is to count on communit to get improved the process of reading barcode and qrcode using the Windows Phone PhotoCamera.
Color picker control for WPF
A library to support different drawing context with SlimGIS MapKit Wpf components.
Library for managing, creating and using Smart Ink packages based ONNX models generated using Azure Custom Vision.
Library that abstracts the rendering of graphics (WPF library). See the README at the GitHub repository.
Converts a level bitmap to a tile sheet / level data and vice-versa.
Library for the BU Kinect Showcase.
ColourPicker for WinRT
An extension of the Windows Store API to retrieve and rotate screenshots. This version is designed specifically for Windows Phone 8 projects.