Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Telegram Bot API Client

Total dependencies: 94

Telegram Api Bot Extentions
Telegram logging provider
Allows you to send/receive messages from Telegram.
This is the default library used by all nuget packages provided by odinsoft.
Simple framework for building powerful Telegram bots 🤖
Package Description
Package Description
Simple miniframework for easily building Telegram chat bots using modular system.
This is a context based application framework for the C# TelegramBot library.
Library for building telegram bots with dependency injection and controllers.
Provides ITelegramBotClient extensions for polling updates.
Slight extension of the Banane9.StateMachine package for chat bots.
TWCore Framework. A multipurpose framework library for .net core
extension package for a telegram bot in de.kuerschner.kestrel.server
An extension for Telegram.Bot to support dispatching based of filters and Dependency Injection
Helps to create bots for Telegram by extending Telegram.Bot with CommandManagement
Creates a simple ready to go Telegram Bot using Telegram.Bot
Library to create Telegram Bots using ASP .NET Core projects
Telegram Bot library which manipulates with states like Finite State Machine