Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on System.Threading.Tasks.Parallel

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The C# Bitcoin Library for Bitcoin Gold
Packaging a previous alpha version of ImageSharp into a production beta
High performance Linq-style extension methods that are multithreaded and use System.Numerics SIMD for arrays and lists.
Cake Build addin for [de]serializing and updating an Android AppManifest.
NetFusion plug-in assembly providing integration points for adapting specific technologies.
Code Generator
Bifrost is a platform designed to build Line of Business applications without sacrificing architectural quality, code quality or scalability.
Implementation of Detector use case, if only one of the events is relevant.
A library for encoding, decoding, and manipulating audio files using Nintendo's DSP-ADPCM format. This package has been superseded by VGAudio:
Provides multithreaded Linq-Like extensions for arrays and lists.
C# extension library for input/output operations and data management.
CoPilot is an object relational mapper (ORM). In its core it works like a micro ORM, but it has some neat and powerful features added on top of it, which makes it more of a "middle ground" ORM. CoPilot is built with performance and flexibillity in mind, and was specifically designed to avoid any lea...
Eventing middleware for high-performance streaming applications in .NET Core.
A C# implementation of Parsing Expression Grammars, intended to be used as a replacement for regular expressions. SharpPeg will dynamically compile PEGs to CIL, delivering performance similar to that of common regular expression engines.
Common Utilities. CSV
Simple implementation of domain-driven events, easily pluggable into any app. is a cross-platform, cloud-agnostic, multi-modal serverless platform.
High-performance Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and messaging state machine (MSM) for .NET.
High-performance Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and messaging state machine (MSM) for .NET.
573bca4:REV_20201208_2115_52551ce|ProcessingPlatform - Flow Based Engine