Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on System.Resources.ResourceManager

Total dependencies: 519

CSharp Generator for Spawn
Provides a set of packages that can be used when building portable libraries on .NETCore based platforms. \r\n TFS ID: 1599443, GitHub SHA:
Web bootstrapper for Cofoundry.Plugins.DependencyInjection.Autofac
SharpRavenPortable is the .NET Xamarin client for Sentry. ( and mailto:
Contains basic UI functionalities.
A set of utilities to make it easy to find all Bible references in plain text. The parser can recognize abbreviations and a number of common spelling mistakes, and even those can be translated. It is designed around the Protestant cannon.
Notakey Xamarin Sdk for Xamarin iOS and Android mobile application development
Json.NET is a popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET, this version was extended to cover more platforms
This package contains the Tinkerpop Gremlin extension for the testing framework NBi (check at
Xamarin.iOS Port of the Nohana Image Picker for iOS
Bot Framework Direct Line client made just for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android.
Just another try.
Well Structured Models for C#
Enhancements and utility classes for primitive types and some commonly used types in the mscorlib and System.Core libraries. Extension methods are available for string, DateTime, enum, StringBuilder, SecureString, RegEx, event handlers, random, array, Enumberable, IList, collections, stream and vari...
Provides proxies and objects to the QF service
A SQLitePCL.raw plugin can be used to instruct SQLitePCL.raw to reference a different implementation of the native SQLite library than it normally would use. Install this package in your app project and call SQLitePCL.raw.SetProvider(new SQLitePCL.SQLite3Provider_esqlite3()); This particular plugi...
This package has been deprecated, because the core library is being signed again (per Microsoft OSS standards). Please use the PortableRest package instead.
A cross-platform library for processing of image files written in C#
Contains core encoders for HTML, JavaScript strings, and URLs.