Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on System.Reflection.MetadataLoadContext

Total dependencies: 17

Steeltoe common library
Web application infrastructure types and implementations for EasyDataCore infrastructure
Extensibility library.
SynchroFeed is an extensible framework for integrating with a Nuget-like feeds to perform syncing, cataloging and validation of Nuget and Chocolatey packages. This is an addon for syncing packages between a source repository with a target repository.
Core elements for KY-Generator Download KY.Generator to use this module
Desktop application infrastructure types and implementations for EasyDataCore
PikTools nuke plugin for building MSI
Prise, A .NET Plugin Framework!
Type Generator for .NET Standard can generate types runtime from delegates and existing types.
The DotNetWindowsRegistry package is a wrapper around the Microsoft.Win32.Registry which provides unit testing capabilities.
A plugin framework.
Everything is a plugin! Use assemblies, NuGet packages and C# Scripts as plugins in your .NET Core Applications.
Package Description
Adds assembly scanning to the Prise Plugin Framework
Core package for DevAttic Hive