Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on System.Memory

Total dependencies: 1244

RavenDB Client is the client library for accessing RavenDB
C# implementation of gRPC based on native gRPC C-core library. Note that the Grpc.Core implementation of gRPC for C# is in maintenance mode and will be replaced by grpc-dotnet in the future. See for details.
Apache Arrow is a cross-language development platform for in-memory data. It specifies a standardized language-independent columnar memory format for flat and hierarchical data, organized for efficient analytic operations on modern hardware.
Contains internal helper classes and utilities used by the Hot Chocolate GraphQL type system and the GraphQL query execution engine.
Port of LZ4 compression algorithm for .NET
Npgsql is the open source .NET data provider for PostgreSQL.
A library for reading and writing CSV files. Extremely fast, flexible, and easy to use. Supports reading and writing of custom class objects.
Contains the Hot Chocolate GraphQL parser and lexer. Also included are syntax visitor and syntax rewriter base classes.
Provides AppSelfHostBase implementation for .NET Core's Kestrel Self Host HTTP Server To get started see:
high performance dotnet core socket tcp communication components, support tcp, ssl, http, websocket, rpc, redis ... protocols and 1M connections problem solution
Build Mobile, Desktop and WebAssembly apps with C# and XAML. Today. Open source and professionally supported.
gRPC C# Surface API
Fast .NET Standard(C#) Implementation of ULID.
A truly async MySQL ADO.NET provider, supporting MySQL Server, MariaDB, Percona Server, Amazon Aurora, Azure Database for MySQL and more.
Confluent's .NET Client for Apache Kafka
The Official Couchbase .NET SDK.
ServiceStack is a simple and fast alternative to WCF, MVC and Web API in one cohesive framework for all your services and web apps that's intuitive and Easy to use! To get started see:
#Script, Virtual File System, SimpleContainer and Common library for ServiceStack projects.
.NET's fastest JSON, JSV and CSV Text Serializers. Fast, Light, Resilient. Contains ServiceStack's high-performance text-processing powers, for more info see:
The F# Compiler Services package for F# 7.0 exposes additional functionality for implementing F# language bindings, additional tools based on the compiler or refactoring tools. The package also includes F# interactive service that can be used for embedding F# scripting into your applications. Conta...