Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on StyleCop.MSBuild

Total dependencies: 20

Lensgrinder's flexible data access utilities.
Trimble Identity OAuth2 Password Credentials Provider implementation to be used in headless apps and tests and server side integrations.
Trimble Identity OAuth2 Authorization Code Credentials Provider implementation to be used in interactive mobile and desktop applications.
Forces the Style cop warnings to appear as errors while building.
StyleCopPlus.MSBuild integrates StyleCopPlus into the build process. This is just a simple Nuget that sets StyleCopAdditionalAddinPaths to the StyleCopPlus.dll folder. All regards to the corresponding authors.
C# client for Camunda REST API
Enables the StyleCop+ plug-in for StyleCop in Visual Studio project files.
Build tools for style and code analysis checking.
Build tools for style and code analysis checking.
This is a fork of the Microcharts repository for the MoneyFox project due to some blocking issues with the current package. Feel free to use this package and send PR's. We will do our best to create pull requests back to the main repository as soon as they have time again.
ProtoBuf serialization for PushoverQ.
A JSON serializer for PushoverQ
An Autofac registration helper for PushoverQ.
PushoverQ is the only opinionated queue library for Azure Service Bus.
Fluent API for performing simple data conversions.
Framework for Jerrold Holdings Entity Framework Implementation
Used for build infrastructure.
Granite Framework 0.7.5