Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Retrofit v2 bindings for Xamarin.Android

Total dependencies: 26

FlyBuy Pickup SDK for Xamarin/Android built for AndroidX
The Curbside ARRIVE SDK lets you build apps that produce reliable alerts when customers are approaching your sites. ARRIVE provides predictive alerts based on time to arrival that are more reliable than simpler solutions such as geofencing. Notifications can be sent to any in-store system, point-of-...
Xamarin Binding Library - Retrofit 2 - Converter Gson
Xamarin.Android binding Library - Mapbox Services
Retrofit v2 Adapter for Gson bindings for Xamarin.Android.
VoxeetSDK implementation for Xamarin
Xamarin.Android binding Library - Mapbox SdkCore
The nuu:bit Xamarin Mobile SDK is a simple way to connect a Xamarin mobile application to the nuu:bit's global content acceleration and analytics platform. The nuu:bit Mobile SDK is a set of libraries that provide the means necessary to report and accelerate the delivery of content to applications...
Xamarin Binding Library - Mapbox Android SDK
This is the Xamarin Binding project for the SIRL Core SDK.
Financial APIs to connect users' bank accounts
Mapbox SDK JavaServices Mapbox is built on vector maps, an advanced approach to mapping where data is delivered to the device and precisely rendered in real-time. The result is smooth, fast maps.
Part of Twitter Fabric, Digits is the future of identity. Email and password signup is a technology that has not been innovated on in decades. Signup forms are cumbersome and repetitive. When users forget their credentials and fail to sign in, you can lose customers.
Mapbox SDK Core binding library for Xamarin.Android
Retrofit v2 Adapter for RxJava v2 bindings for Xamarin.Android.
Retrofit v2 Adapter for Moshi bindings for Xamarin.Android.
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