Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Sprache

Total dependencies: 93

Standardized HttpClient conventions, from the opinions of the Fulfiller Enablement team.
Variable substitution syntax used in Octopus Deploy.
Core library for QRest
A tool for enforcing project dependency conventions - console runner
A tool for enforcing project dependency conventions - library
Elementary particle quark parser
A parser of WWW-Authenticate challenge headers.
Provides a way to parse and reprint HCL templates using the Sprache library.
A dotnet parser for M3U file format
Easy to use extensible expression evaluator built on top of Sprache parser library. Compiles expressions to native code for best performance. Supports custom functions and parameters.
Octopus Deploy is an automated release management tool for modern developers and DevOps teams. This package contains the .NET CLI library for interacting with the HTTP API in Octopus.
A tool for enforcing project dependency conventions - library
NMatcher is a simple library that eases tests (mostly with json).
Versatile parsing and querying software version strings.
Use Routable with simple model-view support
This package contains the Tinkerpop Gremlin extension for the testing framework NBi (check at
Allows user to download datasets from the GRID and run jobs on the GRID. Geared towards use at ATLAS, but no reason it can't be adapted for other experiments.
Code Generation Description Language (CGDL) parser.
A Roslyn-like parser for the Salesforce programming language APEX
The email app for Seq ( formats events as text and sends them via SMTP email. This package supports Seq 3.3+. Install the 1.x version of this package for compatibility with earlier versions of Seq.