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A SpecFlow plugin used to generate the correct test class attributes for SpecBind web drivers.
SpecFlow generator plugin that adds ability to retry tests on failure for MSTest/NUnit.
Unofficial Report Portal SpecFlow agent
A long description of the package. This shows up in the right pane of the Add Package Dialog as well as in the Package Manager Console when listing packages using the Get-Package command.
package to inject MSTest TestContext into SpecFlow tests
Custom plugin to generate nunit test to support multiple browser configuration on browser stack using TestStack Seleno
This plugin provides a mechanism to validate Spec flow Background,Scenario,Feature tags, Scenario tags as per the rule defined in Configuration
SpecFlow plugin for xUnit that provides conditional Ignore tests functionality
Customized Specflow test generator privdor for Coded UI with MsTest
For the Surescripts Jira plugin - extends testing framework SpecFlow
Specflow plugin for using Runsettings parameters inside specflow tests
Base classes for creating SpecFlow plugins to generate examples based on tags
For use with custom RedFolder.xUnit.IntegrationFact attribute. This plugin automatically generates .cs code to use the IntegrationFact rather than the standard xUnit Fact.
Enables custom di containers and step argument injection in SpecFlow
This plugin extend the ThreadsafeListener so that control flow for it will not send to queue in specflow, Which will fix the output in parallel execution
Adds behaviors to SpecFlow
Liekhus Selenium Configuration provides a package to provide SpecFlow, SpecRun and MSTest together in a way that provides for quick setup and multi-threaded concurrent testing at scale. Look for the Extension for Liekhus.Selenium.Grid.Manager to get the full enhancements.
A SpecFlow generator plugin that constrains the generation of tests to those with certain tags you specify. Meant to facilitate feature file reuse.
A SpecFlow generator plugin that modifies the creation of categories from tags to simplify your interface into generated tests.