Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Solid.Practices.Modularity

Total dependencies: 14

LogoFX Client Bootstrapping containing base bootstrapper that performs several boilerplate tasks: modules registration, assemblies discovery using plugin framework via middlewares
LogoFX Client Bootstrapping containing base bootstrapper for Xamarin.Forms. It performs some boilerplate tasks like modules and assemblies discovery
This package provides facilities for writing tests, including unit, integration and end-to-end.
This package provides utilities for composing modular applications.
LogoFX Bootstrapping containing interface for a bootstrapper. This interface is equally applicable at both the client and the server sides of an application. Also includes composition helpers.
LogoFX Server Bootstrapping containing implementation for basic server bootstrapper functionality. This bootstrapper supports modularity and composition at the server side.
This package provides means of storing and loading fake data using builders
LogoFX Client Bootstrapping Testing containing bootstrapper for unit and integration testing that uses app bootstrapper while providing complete setup for tests.
This package provides abstractions over different bootstrapping capabilities: having ioc container, etc. as well as the most common middlewares to be used during bootstrapping
LogoFX IoC containing an implementation of inversion-of-control container
LogoFX Client Navigation containing navigation facilities which provide out-of-the-box navigate back and forward capabilities, history, advanced scenarios.
LogoFX IoC Middleware containing means of registering simple composition modules.
LogoFX Practices Modularity containing interface for registrating module with custom lifetime handler
This package provides composition container for module-based applications.