Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on SixLabors.ImageSharp.Web

Total dependencies: 11

Web.MVC library for ChilliSource.Cloud
A provider for resolving and caching images via Azure Blob Storage.
ImageSharp adapter for ChilliSource.Cloud
Doitsu.Ecommerce.Core is a library implement business logic and code first database for a Ecommerce Platform by AspNetCore. It is using Doitsu.Service.Core library as a helper library to implement abstraction.
文件流服务的服务端实现,提供服务端Http中间件,包括: 1. 文件信息Endpoint 2. 文件流Endpoint 3. 文件图标Endpiont 4. 文件缩略图Endpoint 5. Wopi Endpoint(for oos) 6. Token Endpiont
Sitko.Core is a set of libraries to help build .NET Core applications fast
Talagozis.AspNetCore.ImageSharp library
Orchard Core CMS is a Web Content Management System (CMS) built on top of the Orchard Core Framework. The media module adds media management support.