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ReportGenerator converts coverage reports generated by coverlet, OpenCover, dotCover, Visual Studio, NCover, Cobertura, JaCoCo, Clover, gcov or lcov into human readable reports in various formats. The reports do not only show the coverage quota, but also include the source code and visualize which l...
The web components library for the open-source and free platform WebVella ERP. It allows a quick and painless creation of business web applications.
Web Framework cross platforms based to .net core
Indice.AspNetCore Class Library
Peachpie PHP language library functions for image processing.
This library contains geometric primitives and algorithms: 2D, 3D and 4V vector, matrix, polyline and polygon types. The main geometric operations are 2D (Delaunay) triangulation and polygon clipping (union, difference, intersection, xor). The latest clipping implementation is floating point based a...
Image Renderer for Barcoder (.NET Framework, .NET Standard and .NET Core).
Digital Elevation Model library for .Net. Elevation, Heightmaps, STL, glTF
Multipurpose .NET Standard Extensions
Easily save and manipulate files.
ImageSharp support for fo-dicom for rendering images.
.NET Core API for Raspberry Pi Sense HAT running on Linux
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Package Description
NetModular utils
pi-top[4] device.
pi-top[4] Camera module.
Lidl Plus .NET API client