Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on SignalR

Total dependencies: 8

Typical empty MVC application. This would be a good plcae to start if you wanted to build everything from scratch.
SignalWire is an experimental SignalR + Roslyn wrapper to enable client side Linq, data access, C# scripts etc.
Monitor events on your website live.
A simple fake stock ticker sample for SignalR.
A MicroSliver dependency resolver implementation for SignalR.
SignalR dependency resolver binding to Autofac.
Fleets map tracking sample using SignalR and Google Maps/Streetview to follow vehicles. Allow filter by fleet. YouTube video demo:
Web application components for the CloudMonitR application. This package includes some content files and one C# Hub class that are brought in with the NuGet package so that you can add the single-page monitor GUI application to an existing site.