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A C# Common Components
A new build framework for C# projects.
Adds zip scheme/file support to Platform.VirtualFileSystem. Platform.VirtualFileSystem is a powerful .NET library that provides a uniform and cross-platform abstraction layer for file systems. It is similar to VFS features of various operating systems like Linux except it all runs in manage...
基于Chih-Hao Tsai 的 MMSeg 算法( )实现的中文分词器,并实现 的 analyzer以方便在Lucene.Net中使用。本代码来源于*王员外*(基于Java版的翻译,升级到了最新版Lucene.Net (≥ 3.0.3),并包含简单示例和NuGet安装包。
A library for working with Tiled maps (tmx).
Mono.Addins is a framework for creating extensible applications, and for creating add-ins which extend applications. Mono.Addins.Setup provides an API for managing add-ins, creating add-in packages and publishing add-ins in on-line repositories.
Library for standalone access to tracked messages and properties in BizTalk tracking databases
A new build framework for C# projects.
A template engine for the .NET platform which takes a DOCX file and applies a data object to generate reports, do mail merges, etc. No dependency on MS Word.
Installs a set of MSBuild tasks for automating Umbraco v4 package file creation
.NET port of JGit - with signed assemblies
Access a ZIP as a virtual file system
This package contains a library that makes is very easy to serialize classes. It is based on the .net 3.0 DataContract and the excellent Newtonsoft.Json library. It also contains two classes that can be used for app data storage. Saving to both XML and JSON are supported. Also you c...
A system to get elevations locally from NASA datasets
Core project for Mobile Ipreo team
Common library
Wikiled Core Utilities
This is client API SDK for TvzGrader application. More on