Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on SharedPluginFeatures

Total dependencies: 26

Plugin Manager Easily create documentation from an xml documentation file or provide custom documentation on any website.
Plugin Manager easily add blog functionality to any website
Plugin Manager Easily manage errors generated on a website with full support for logging and redirection.
Plugin Manager user account plugin
Plugin Manager easily manage errors within a website
Plugin Manager add generic company information to any website
Plugin Manager display multiple products within a website
Plugin Manager easily add login to any website using a variety of methods including tokens for facebook and google
Plugin Manager add download functionality to any website
Plugin Manager add helpdesk functionality to any website
Plugin Manager Shopping cart plugin for managing users checkout experience
Plugin Manager Generate sitemaps for a website
Plugin Manager provides Seo data for any route within a web application
Plugin Manager Plugin which generates breadcrumbs based on controller method attributes
Plugin Manager Highly optimised localization plugin
Plugin Manager User Session Manager middleware retains user session information within ASP.Net Core websites
Plugin Manager easily manage multiple caches and access cached data
Plugin Manager Highly optimised GeoIp plugin
Plugin Manager Plugin which monitors Url's and Query/Form input for sql injection attempts. Provides feed back on those "Bad Eggs" why don't play nicely!
Plugin Manager middleware business object layer