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A framework for declarative UI testing for ASP.NET apps. Browsers: Chrome (>=71) Firefox (>=70) IE (>=11) Dependencies: MSharp Project: MSharp.Framework (>= 4.0.103) Olive Project: Olive.Testing (>= 2.1.113)
Framework to automate tests using Selenium WebDriver
[Superseded] This package became metadata only package for bootstrap "Selenium.WebDriver.GeckoDriver" x-plat NuGet package. Please consider to install "Selenium.WebDriver.GeckoDriver" NuGet package directly instead of this. ---- Install Gecko Driver(Win32) for Selenium WebD...
QuickStart your web testing automation focusing only on what is important, being productive. Once you set your solution to x86 or x64, inherit a class and change your app.config as you want, this will provide an automatic Selenium WebDriver setup and session management, ExtentReports (Including Klov...
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The Vision Automation Framework is the 'fluent' method syntax automation framework. He provide an approach for building test automation project with more readable code that could be more easily maintained by QA Engineers because it is easier to read, and discover how to use. It is expected to improv...
ETM Automation Framework using Selenium and POM
A framework for declarative UI testing for ASP.NET apps.
Sample nuget package framework - do not use - not for production
Umbrella NuGet Package for Testware Automation API Tests
Create NuGet packages for Testware Web ApplicationControllers used during the Spider project...
Selenium Automation Framework
A C#/ASP.NET Core Web Application used to write test automation with NUnit.
Automation Framework
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Package Description
C# CAT framework
A free .NET alternative to Cleverbot
A basic styled framework to build a structured page or component model for writing UI Automation tests.
Harness relies on Selenium and aims to simplify automated UI testing.