Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on SanteDB.Core.Api

Total dependencies: 33

Health Data Services Interface (HDSI) REST interface implementation, used by various SanteDB execution environment to provide access to health related data.
SanteDB Common REST interface behaviors
Administration Management Interface (AMI) REST interface. Used by the various SanteDB execution environments (DCG, Android App, Windows App, Server, etc.) to expose administration functions
SanteDB Lightweight ORM Mapper
SanteDB Report Integration Services Interface (RISI) is a legacy report and adhoc query interface on OpenIZ and SanteDB services
This package provides a C# wrapper around the SanteDB Health Data Services Interface (HDSI) REST Interface which is used for synchronization with a SanteDB Server.
The SanteDB AMI Client API represents a wrapper for the Administrative Management Interface (AMI) REST API on SanteDB Server
SanteDB Disconnected User Interface Core
SanteDB Disconnected Client Legacy SQLite Services
SanteDB core applets API for packaging, rendering, and extracting data from applet PAK files
SanteDB Clinical Decision Support XML Protocoling Engine. Provides a descriptive way to express and execute clinical protocols
SanteDB JavaScript-based business rules triggers. Allows for the implementation of business rules in JavaScript 5
SanteDB Disconnected Client Application Gateway Services
Allows developers to write plugins in .NET for the SanteDB Server infrastructure (not on Disconnected Client infrastructure). This is useful whenever a developer wishes to extend the default functionality of the SanteDB server
Allows SanteDB iCDR to accept FHIR messages.
SanteDB Matching Plugin. Provides deterministic and probabalistic matching algorithms for the SanteDB persistence engine.
Provides a fake server environment which can be used within Visual Studio unit tests
SanteDB Disconnected Client Core API Services
Convenience package which allows developers to run an embedded copy of SanteDB to test plugins.
Interfaces which allow for OAUTH2.0 to be used on SanteDB iCDR