Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Reactive Extensions - Providers Library

Total dependencies: 8

Supports rapid development and deployment of services.
YACQ (Yet Another Compilable Query) is an embeddable querying language for .NET, based on Expression Trees API. This provides dynamic evaluation from strings, complete access to .NET libraries and the LINQ ecosystem. More details and the usage are in Project site.
The server side component for Pushqa - providing queryable event streams over HTTP using Reactive Extensions, OData and SignalR. This package expects an ASP.Net Web Application project.
Generates OData style Rx Observables from LINQ queries against a REST service.
Qactive queryable observable providers infrastructure.
Qactive base streaming implementation provider and protocol for client and server.
Reactive Extensions Experimental Library containing unstable and infrequently used functionality.
Reactive Extensions provides the aliases Map, FlatMap, and Filter.