Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on MBProgressHUD iOS

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A cross platform library that allows you to call for standard user dialogs from a shared/portable library, suport android and ios . Includes Alert, Confirm, Toast, ActionSheet, Loading, Progress, Prompt.
Xamarin Binding for Hyphenate EaseUI 3.5.3 架构支持x86_64 arm64 - 添加NullAllowed修饰 - 解决一些对象无法转换为协议的问题 - 添加WeakDataSource Note: 解决iPhone真机无法编译调试问题 请参考 修改.csproj,添加 <Target Name="BeforeCodesign"> <Exec Condition=" 'AnyCPU' == 'iPhone' Command="\us...
Xamarin Binding for MWPhotoBrowser iOS Library