Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on RestSharp.Serializers.Newtonsoft.Json

Total dependencies: 21

Biblioteca .Net Standart 2.0 de integração com a API de pagamentos da Zoop.
Unoficial Nubank Api client for .Net
Package Description
An SDK exposing the Phin Solutions Product REST API for processing SCRA verification searches. Requires active agreement and client-side API key. For more information please visit us at
Package Description
Gopay .net sdk
Adobe Sign REST API Version 6 for C# .NET Standard 2.0
Biblioteca de cliente de API do Gateway de pagamentos da Blue
C# SDK for Facebook Marketing API
OpenRefine .NET Client
A C# (.NET 4.5) Client Wrapper for the Maestro Platform API.
Package Description
A client library ing RestSharp to simplify interactions with the strategic API.
Client for Square Connect API. Generated with
An NetCore port of Connectors.OBP to provide easy access to Open Banking.
Package Description
An SDK for interacting with the Alder API
An SDK for interacting with the Alder API
Conjunto de herramientas framework XMS BS
Connector for OBP api