Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on RavenDB Embedded

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Drop in persistence with RavenDb for FubuMVC / StructureMap applications
Package Description
BrickPile is a lightweight CMS built on RavenDB and ASP.NET MVC 5
Support for RavenDB Embedded for Bifrost
Helpers for integration tests with RavenDB and SpecFlow
Foundation framework for basic persistence scenarios
Foundation framework for basic persistence scenarios
Lucas Solutions Core Persistence
An embedded RavenDB powered event store for MementoFX
Infrastructure for integrating the Holotrek's Core with the RavenDB NoSQL solution.
A wrapper that allows you to easily use a RavenDB Embedded NoSQL database : Add, Update, Delete and Query without any configuration. See GitHub wiki for code snippets.
Support for RavenDB (embedded)
Core engine for stand-alone RavenDB index builder, used in CI systems and automated deployments.
a script pack that exposes RavenDB to the ScriptCS engine. Uses RavenDB version 2.0.
Asp.Net Membership and Role Provider for RavenDB CANNOT BE USED WITH DEFAULT MVC4 AccountController. Use release 2.5.2700 with RavenDB 2.5 Use release 2.0.2261 with RavenDB 2.0
RavenDB Embedded server implementation for RavenBOT's IDatabase interface
Модуль встроенного хранения данных в RavenDB для Zen.Core
Package Description