Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Portable.Xaml

Total dependencies: 8

PnP Framework contains the PnP Provisioning engine and a ton of extension methods that will make you more productive while developing for Microsoft 365.
Eto.Xaml allows you to load xaml UI definitions for the Eto.Forms framework To get more information about how to get started, read the wiki:
Library for advanced formatting of console/terminal output. Format output like HTML using either .NET DSL (like LINQ to XML), or XAML with bindings (like WPF). Supports paragraphs, lists, grids, Unicode formatting, drawing, export to various formats and much more.
Unofficial port of the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) to the .NET Standard
Colorful.Console adapter of Alba.CsConsoleFormat. Supports rendering FIGlet fonts.
A multi-platform data driven 2D diagram editor.
Es un port simple a .netstandard2.0
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