Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on PhantomJS

Total dependencies: 14

A powerful C# web crawler that makes advanced crawling features easy to use. AbotX builds upon the open source Abot C# Web Crawler by providing a powerful set of wrappers and extensions.
NReco.PhantomJS is a .NET wrapper for running PhantomJS (headless WebKit browser) from C#/.NET code.
This package contains .NET helper classes to make the creation of Selenium tests easier. It contains a Connector class that supports various initializations of the Driver. It also contains a utility class to assist in working with elements.
Support for testing web systems with the TAF test automation framework
Test behaviour of Websites and APIs using browser automation and RESTclients. Use scenarios to describe the behaviour and have your favourite test runner work through them so you can automate your acceptance testing with ease.
Javascript test runner
yslow.js library to run in Phantomjs
A .NET utility for creating various flavors of a Selenium Web Driver. Supports both local and remote Web Drivers.
This package is now DEPRECATED in favor of the PhantomJS package
Endjin's SpecFlow and Selenium testing framework for smart automated web UI tests development.
A basic styled framework to build a structured page or component model for writing UI Automation tests.