Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Parquet.Net

Total dependencies: 13

Contains an implementation of the IReadable and IWritable interfaces to access parquet files. Depends on the assemblies TeleScope.Persistence.Abstractions and Parquet.Net.
Parquet extension to Cinchoo ETL framework
A suite of libraries to provide stats functionality in dotnet for parquet and other formats
Provides reading and writing Parquet file
A tiny library simplify working with Parquet Files with Azure Blob Storage using Parquet .Net (parquet-dotnet). Providing easy helpers to load data into class models from Parquet files. This is useful for E-L-T processes whereby you need to load the data into Memory, Sql Server (e.g. Azure SQL), etc...
Package Description
Covers the scope of statistics and machine learning in dotnet as well as operationalization of machine learning in Azure
Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Data Preparation SDK.
ML.NET components for Apache Parquet support.
Provides Parquet support to the DataPipe platform. Reference this package if you need to read or write Parquet file from a data pipe script
The Microsoft Data Encryption SDK provides encryption support to applications. The Microsoft.Data.Encryption.FileEncryption package provides parquet file encryption support. Commonly Used Types: Microsoft.Data.Encryption.FileEncryption.IColumn Microsoft.Data.Encryption.FileEncryption.IColumna...