Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on NuGet.Core

Total dependencies: 143

Web Application used to host a simple NuGet feed
The runtime assemblies for libraries and applications that use Kentico API.
Terradue Tep .Net library
Add the references required to develop a XrmToolBox plugin
For Kentico 13 Full Framework only, provides Html helpers and interfaces to render other pages (with widgets) in your page. Useful for things like Mega Menus, editable header adn footers, tabs, accordions, etc.
Dynamicweb 9 package the CMS Content Management System (WCMS) - Administration.
Rhetos is a DSL framework that enables you to create your own domain-specific language to build server applications.
Package Description
Sitecore NuGet generator API.
Core functionality of the publishing focused and developer friendly .NET Open source CMS.
Terradue.Github.WebService is a library targeting .NET 4.0 and above that provides interfaces to Github Webservices
Terradue Github .Net library
Prism 6 library.
Terradue.Portal is a library targeting .NET 4.0 and above that provides core interfaces and classes of Terradue portal
Terradue.Authentication.Umsso .Net library
Prism 5 library.
Core library for exposing a web service through Pomona.
ScriptCs.Hosting provides common services necessary for hosting scriptcs in your application.
Core routines for manipulating and creating Shimmer release packages
Requires previous installation of UmbracoCms. Installs Umbraco Starter Kit in your Visual Studio ASP.NET project. Including generic partials, base RenderMVCControllers, QUnit Samples,robots.txt,Web.Config transformations to allow ModelsBuilder to generate Strongly typed DocTypes mo...