Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Neptuo

Total dependencies: 31

In-proc SharpKit compiler.
Compilation pipeline for template processing.
Behaviors extension for Jobs.
Local (System.IO) file and directory events dispatching mechanism.
Serialization and deserialization formatters for Neptuo.
Metadata definitions for Neptuo.Formatters.Composite.
Compilers abstractions. Contains implementation for System.CodeDom.
Feature models (soft contract, endless extensibility).
Mapping IKey.Type to classes and etc.
Serialization support for IKey to various formats.
Uniquely identify entities by key across a whole application.
Model definitions based on .NET types.
Application (backend and recurring) services support.
Windows (WPF) Threading utils.
Windows (global) HotKey binding support.
Unity implementation of IDependencyContainer.
Feature models (soft contract, endless extensibility).
Generic (compilable) interception pipeline.
Facade for deleting objects.
Log4net implementation of Neptuo.Logging.