Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on NHibernate

Total dependencies: 565

Fluent, XML-less, compile safe, automated, convention-based mappings for NHibernate.
Common types of NHibernate.Caches providers.
Database support for Synergy Layered Application Architecture (SLARCH)
The PPWCode Vernacular NHibernate library version II.
Extensions for NHibernate when used in dotnet core. For examples, visit
Provides NHibernate persistance support for a Sharp Architecture application, providing NHibernate session managment and initialisation, and implementations of core SharpArch data access interfaces.
NHibernate integration for NServiceBus
NHibernate Orm integration for Stove.
PointlessArhitecture Breeze
ASPNET Core Identity provider that uses NHibernate for storage. (Build in support for PostgreSQL, SqlServer, MySql, Sqlite)
An NHibernate IUserAuthRepository to persist User registration and authentication info in any RDBMS NHibernate supports. Implements ServiceStack's built-in AuthProvider Model: inc. Twitter, Facebook, Basic, Digest, Cred...
Various additions for NHibernate like the Include method from EntityFramework
MassTransit NHibernate persistence support; MassTransit provides a developer-focused, modern platform for creating distributed applications without complexity.
Extended PostgreSQL driver for NHibernate, with support of json and array types.
NHibernate Sqlite Driver with Microsoft.Data.Sqlite.Core. In order to use this driver, you must have the nuget package [Microsoft.Data.Sqlite.Core]( and [SQLitePCLRaw.bundle_e_sqlite3](
NHibernate.Spatial is a library of spatial extensions for NHibernate, and allows you to connect NHibernate to a spatially enabled database and manipulate geometries in HQL or in .NET code using NetTopologySuite, providing you with a fully integrated GIS programming experience.
RoundhousE is a Professional Database Change and Versioning Management tool. This is the core package, which implements the basic functionality. If you want to create your own RoundhousE database implementation, this is the package you want. If not, you probably want one of the database-spec...
Cache provider for NHibernate using ASP.NET Cache object.
Audit trail integrated with NHibernate.
RoundhousE is a Professional Database Change and Versioning Management tool.