Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on MySqlConnector

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Distributed transaction solution in micro-service base on eventually consistency, also an eventbus with Outbox pattern.
Package Description
Pomelo's MySQL database provider for Entity Framework Core.
Hangfire's mysql storage.
HealthChecks.MySql is the health check package for MySQL.
Generates server and script side code for Serenity platform applications
Store Audit.NET Trail Logs into a MySQL database
The MySql TempDb<> implementation, using MySqlConnector
DataTablePlus provides some helpful extensions in order to transform list of objects into data tables (it's able to use the object definitions and/or EntityFramework/EntityFrameworkCore mappings for creating the data table schema as well as its data) and also some SQL helpers capable of performing s...
MySQL Adapter for ServiceStack OrmLite using MySqlConnector ADO.NET Provider
MSFramework is a lightweight DDD framework
NetTopologySuite support for Pomelo's MySQL provider for Entity Framework Core.
Peachpie PHP language MySql library functions.
JSON support using Newtonsoft.Json (JSON.NET) for Pomelo's MySQL provider for Entity Framework Core.
JSON support using System.Text.Json for Pomelo's MySQL provider for Entity Framework Core.
.NET Standard 2.0 version of ServiceStack.OrmLite.MySqlConnector
Paradigm ORM MySql Connector library.