Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on MySql.Data

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Provides NHibernate-based implementation for the Data Access interfaces in MultiTenancyFramework.Core
Library of common functions of the .NET.Core programmer, for version 2.2 or higher of the Microsoft .NET Core.
AFL Core
EasyQuery DbGate class for MySQL
A lightweight ORM based on dapper
An open-source PearXLib's extension, that adds useful MySQL additions.
Package Description
Provides System Plugin for for Db access.
PetaPoco.NetCore is a fork of PetaPoco based, add .netcore support,support .netframework and .netcore,petapoco is A high performance Micro-ORM on dotnet supporting SQL Server, MySQL, Sqlite, SqlCE, Firebird etc,support a query and map,and support Multi Mapping, Multiple Results
Mysql and HTTP Abstraction
Core functinoality for the Jaywing Umbraco Base project
OrmLite for MySql with Mysql.Data
mysql operation engine base on MicBeach.Data
.net standard ado net tools. In this version dbmanager use method chaining.
MySql implementation of the Persistence interfaces
限流中间件 1.支持IP策略和Client策略 2.支持配置读文件或读库(mysql) 3.白名单 4.支持自定义扩展
Adds support for MySQL for DataObjects.Net